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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This year we are going to be running a club dedicated to exploring games and playful practices that deal with world- building, collective imagining and performative speculation - games such as pen-and-paper role-playing games or LARP’s, as well as choreographic, magical or literary practices that work with similarly playful means.
The club is hosted by Implantieren 2022 - Beziehungsweisen, - a festival in Frankfurt am Main that starts in September and that this year intends to highlight practices instead of pieces.

The agenda of the club also depends on the interests of those who join, and there is a budget for contributions, tryouts and preparation of sessions.

If you are interested in participation or collaboration, write an email to:

Why a club?

To play, you have to enter. Be it a fiction, the rules or a magic circle, you have to first enter into it. - We are not interested in playing in order to produce something for an outside audience. Rather, we want to celebrate imaginative play as an ephemeral exper- ience that can not be fully captured. But for that it needs a fitting frame. What if there were a club for that? - The CLUB of WHAT IF - A club for speculative play, a place to conspire.

What kind of play?

Let’s start, for example, with The Silent Year, 10 Candles, Monsterhearts, Microscope, or Thirsty Sword Lesbians - games from a new wave of queer and alternative game designers that reconsider the narratives, mechanics and genealogies of pen-and-paper role-playing games. We want to explore Mini-LARPs, channeling tech- niques, as well as the use of similar techniques in the fields of narrative therapy and move- ment practices. Starting from these, there will be space to develop and try out our own games.
The club is interested in fictions produced in analogue settings, and is not so much interested in computer games and digital formats.

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