A club for collective imagining and role play games

Initiiated by Sidi Dungeorine, Big Diane Little and others
coproduced by IMPLANTIEREN 2022/23_Beziehungsweisen and ScriptedReality

Enter fiction, enter the magic circle, enter Club of What If. Play experimental and queer pen-&-paper role plays, live action role plays, and worldbuilding games or test and develop your own. Club of What If is a society for analog role play games and live action role play, collective imagination and worldbuilding. It seeks narratives beyond existing fantasy stereotypes, related forms of playful imagination in other fields such as choreography, and works to decompose the boundary of play and non-play through the occult and magic.

The agenda of the club also depends on the interests of those who join, and there is a budget for contributions, tryouts and preparation of sessions.
If you are interested in participation or collaboration, write an email to:

The club meets usually every second Sunday in the Festival Center of IMPLANTIEREN 2022/23, Mertonstraße 30, Frankfurt am Main, 2022/23. Before the game session is a Club Meeting to get to know the Club and to prepare coming games.

More INformation and the dates on the page of IMPLANTIEREN 2022/23

Initiated by Sidi Dungeorine, Big Diane Little and others

production: Greta Katharina Klein, assistence: Lara-Marie Weine

Produziert von ScriptedReality und IMPLANTIEREN 2022/23. Gefördert vom Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen von NEUSTART KULTUR, dem Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main und IMPLANTIEREN 2022/23, unterstützt von StudioNaxos.